15 Sep 2011

A Nature Table

I love the idea of having an outdoor
seasonal display
a nature table like the ones you used to have at school
where the class would go on a 'nature walk'
and bring all the found booty back and place it on a table in the classroom

I hoard all sorts of interesting containers
old fashioned green bottles
stone flagons
wooden baskets
It is a bit like a mini harvest festival
This is my version
and these are the versions from the Country Living Magazine
as the season progresses
and more finds are made I will add to the table with
leaves and nuts and hedgerow fruits
I just think it is a great way to brighten up my outdoor space
Don't you agree?


  1. Lovely and colourful, and yes I do agree! Flighty xx

  2. Indeed I do agree! I think you're table looks nicer than the contrived magazine version and hope you'll show us more of your treasures as they're found. (I speak as someone who always brings back leaves and berries from the woods, rocks and shells from the beach, etc.)

  3. Looks lovely. The mention of nature tables reminds me of my student teacher days when a lecturer observing one of my colleagues was heard to observe that the nature table was 'an unfortunate scene of death and decay.' ;)

  4. Oh dear Jennyta - that doesn't sound very promising.

  5. I will definitely keep adding to it providing the weather doesn't destroy my display.

  6. Flighty - By the time I come back it will all probably withered away - oh well

  7. It looks fabulous. Nothing like nature's treasures to brighten up a day.


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