27 Sep 2011

The Fascinating World of Fungi

Whilst we were visiting the Pensthorpe Nature Reserve we wandered through the woods looking for fungi.  Very quickly we found these Wood Blewitts which are edible, they can be found in pine forests or growing on decaying leaves
These little clusters of sunshine are possibly Two-toned Pholiota and grow on stumps at the base of dead trees, these are also edible, but only the caps, and common throughout Britain.
One of the most beautiful sights of autumn is a group of fiery red Fly Agaric shining in the sun, brilliant against the damp green grass and the fallen yellow leaves of the birch.  It is now considered less poisonous than was once thought.

This is a Bracket fungus possibly Betulina

Now my identification on this one is a bit hazy, possibly Artists Fungus or Razor Strop, the pictures in my reference books never quite match up sometimes - but it exciting to find so many different types.
If anyone out there can give positive identification
for any of the above I should be
interested to know.


  1. Fascinating indeed, but it's someting that I know next to nothing about! Flighty xx

  2. I don't know as much as I'd like but learn a little more every year.


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