14 Sep 2011

The Call of the Coast

I can hear it calling
I can feel the salt water rising in my veins
I can smell the marshes
Just a few days to go and I shall be there
The coast
I want to see big skies
and boats waiting for the tide
and the view from the heath
and to walk in the dunes
and eat brown bread crab sandwiches
with a lemonade shandy
and eat fish caught fresh that morning

and read a little
in a hideaway cottage
and if the weather
is good
may be do a little sea gazing
the coast is calling
and I can't wait ...


  1. That looks, and sounds, so inviting! I know that you like Norfolk so I'm guessing that's where it is. If so it's a lovely place, especially when the weather is kind. Flighty xx

  2. You are right of course Flighty - it is Norfolk - and next week we will be there, bucket and spade in hand.

  3. Wow you are living in an idyllic landscape, that 2nd photo with that bound water inside is so beautiful. Everything else you posted are nice, enjoy life to the fullest. We deserve that in this lifetime.

  4. It's a lovely time of year to take a holiday. We're still stuck to school holidays at the moment. Have a lovely time.

  5. Aah, now you're talking my language! The sea calls to me all the time; even today, pegging out my washing on a perfect bright and breezy day, I thought, "Perfect day for sailing". There's a beach hut out there for me somewhere ... !

  6. I know what you mean Caro - I can't wait to see the sea again.


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