9 Sep 2011

My Postcard Collection

Dear E
Just a line in answer to yours, ask your Mother iif it will be alright if H and me come next Monday and stay all night.  H says stopping a month and then she wont have to go to school, she is false.
Love to all
your loving cousin

Many years ago I used to collect old postcards here are a few of my favourites

Dear Edith
I hope you are having a good time
but it won't be for long
you'll soon be coming back to us
Love from Alice

Dear E
Thank you for Happy Birthday
Hope you are all alive

Dear Clara
Just a card to wish you
Many happy Returns of the day
And hope you will spend a
Happy Birthday
with love

Dear Addie
Sorry I have not written to you before
I will send you a letter another week.
I have been home a week on Xmas Day.
Wishing you a happy new year.
Love from Lily

Dear Sophie
Did you not receive my last letter with your album.  I  have not been very well and so have not fetched my book and album back again yet.  I am going to the convent again for the soup kitchen.  I am wearing white and am getting button holes.  I am having black velvet flowers made.  How are you keeping.  I hope quite well.  We are having a fortnights holiday as one of the resident mistresses at our school has got scarlet fever and the school has to be disinfected.  We have ... one of us been very well lately.  Fraulein included, we all thought that she was going to have diphtheria but it passed off.  Do you know I'm acting at the Studland Theatre on the Saturday after next.
Love from Collette

Dear Dorothy
Juct a p.c. to add to your collection hope you will like it. How is Jack getting on now.
Best love to all

Dear Mrs. Harrison
We arrived quite safe, nice weather, and got nice lodgings again.  Love to Dot. Hope you are all well.
Yours truly
Mrs. Brotherton
Blank card from the 1st World War

Dear Dorothy
I am sending you a postcard
as promised thought you would like
a dog, ask Mother when she is
going to write.
Heaps of love and kisses

18th April
All the very best from us both at Tauntonia, Dorset Road


  1. Lovely. It's so interesting reading what's on the back, wondering who these people were and why they were where they were. I too started a second blog last year, it didn't seem right mingling in bits about my family life with my gardening exploits. It does take some doing keeping up with two blogs though. I see you're managing well enough to start a third.

  2. Another nice blog that I shall enjoy following! Flighty xx

  3. these post cards are really beautiful. thank you for sharing. clicked over from flighty's recommendation. have a lovely day.

  4. What a lovely collection and a fascinating tiny glimpse into the lives of those who wrote them.
    PS. I've arrived here c/o Flighty. :))

  5. Ooh, lovely - another blog from you! Love the postcard collection; the one of Southsea is of particular interest as my parents live across the harbour from there and it's a town I know well - a bit different today, though!

  6. What a coincidence Caro - did you spot the old fashioned clothes they were wearing.


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