28 Sep 2011

An Elephant in his Element

Is this not the happiest elephant on the planet?
Every time I look at this photo
it makes me smile
I found it on the Pinterest website
and have become an obsessive 'pinner'
You choose from a wonderful range of images and 'pin' them
to your own story boards
It is really interesting to see what other people pin
and what makes them tick
I think my boards would show that I am a complete romantic
with a love of art and beautiful things
cute animals
shabby chic interior design
It is great fun way to pass a few hours
if you don't have anything better to do - that is


  1. Wonderful picture, and I'm not surprised that it makes you smile! Flighty xx

  2. I've managed to resist Pinterest so far, and facebook and twitter. I spend too long on the pc as it is without anything else to distract me from what I should be doing. It's getting harder to turn a blind eye though with all the lovely images I keep seeing, I've got a soft spot for elephants.


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