25 Sep 2011

Holiday Heaven

Another holiday year is over
six months to wait
till I see the sea again
Just the memories of a lovely week at the coast
to keep me going over the coming winter
We arrived in time for Sunday lunch
Roast Pork and Apple Sauce
Yummy Scrummy
After lunch
strolled down to the quay
where there was a Pirate Festival
A pirate band
singing sea shanties
and the Jolly Roger
flying high
The evening was still
with a lavender sky
the tide was low
with the boats at rest
the following days
where the skies were blue and the beaches deserted
we lunched on crawfish tails
sitting out in the sunshine
saw windmills in the distance
and strange street names
there were strange animals too
a llama in residence at the end of the street
a dragonfly resting in the sun
a grey squirrel
oblivious to us digging a hole in the bank
burying food in a winter store
tranquil pools
at a bird reserve
shell decorations
around the door at a beachside cafe
and beautifully ornate
chimney pots
sea defences
to hold back the high tides
and the last meal
before our return journey
what a delicious end
to a lovely holiday


  1. England can be so beautiful when the conditions are right! Looks like you had a very relaxing break (and made the most of the food!). You don't say where this is, but I'm guessing East Anglia - Norfolk maybe??

  2. I'm a touch envious having looked at these terrific pictures and thinking how much I'd like to be there enjoying the wonderful scenery and delicious food! Flighty xx

  3. Having seen your wonderful photos, I feel I really must go to Norfolk as it's a part of the UK I don't know. I wonder if the beaches are that deserted in the summer holidays? Those shell decorations are an idea worth copying and you did get a bug to stay still - your dragonfly photo is fantastic! Caro x

  4. Wonderful. Your photos give the impression of peace and quiet, something which you wouldn't have had if you'd gone during the school holidays, we're still confined to specific dates unfortunately.

  5. The beaches are so vast that you could get lost on them - we tend to keep away from the close-to ones as people with children don't go very far. The salt marshes are my favourite bit - it is wild and wonderful.


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