28 Aug 2012

Something a Little Bit Different

In the last post on my Ramblings from Rosebank blog here I wrote about a visit to a wonderful little place called the Garden Barn which is about a twenty minute drive from where we live.  I was so impressed with it that I took the beloved with me on Monday for another look.

It isn't a garden centre exactly - I mean it doesn't sell compost and the usual trays of pansies etc. - no it is more of a garden experience.  It used to be a farm but now the barns have been converted into a shop for garden ephemera.  Lots of vintage - and what the Americans would call 're-purposed' items.

Old tin baths ideal for use as planters

Old step ladders for displaying pot plants

Railway sleepers propped up on old chimneys to display a row of lavender

Earthenware pots and flagons for garden decoration

A beautiful vintage pergola for training the runner beans

and inside the barn - old display cabinets

all the items beautifully displayed

and upstairs in a viewing gallery - a small cafe with retro furniture.

and outside again - a cast iron garden table and chairs - sadly, for display purposes only.

I came away with lots of ideas to try and put into practice in my own garden.  I already have old tin buckets full of plants and the old flagons and earthenware which I have accumulated over the years.  And I have three railway sleepers that I have wondered what to do with.  Now I know - I'll use them to display pots of flowers raised on brick columns.

It's not often that I come across a place that ignites my imagination - this one certainly did.


  1. I love that place.Wish I could go there.The layout is so artisitic.It amazing how quite ordinary artifacts can look so great when arranged so beautifully.No wonder it inspired you. love Angela

  2. What a brilliant place - all that terracotta, galvanised metal and nick nacks would make my heart sing too! Lovely Elaine!

  3. What an inspirational place....! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in your garden! Jx

  4. This is the sort of place I could spend hours in... fascinating.

  5. nice and interesting looking place but I am dying to know did your beloved buy anything?

    1. Yes David - a Japanese Anemone and a terracotta pot

    2. I trust he`s going to keep the anemone in the terracotta pot they can be quite rampant

  6. That's most definitely a place that I'd be more than happy to have a good look round! Flighty xx

  7. That's my kind of place, Elaine. I would LOVE to have that beautiful cast iron table & chairs for my garden. Thanks for taking us along. :-)


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