11 Sep 2011

Favourite Contemporary Artists

Kurt Jackson
I have been a fan of Kurts' work since I saw him on Watercolour Challenge, as a judge, in the late 90's.
In a previous life I was a watercolour painter myself, so I could appreciate his expertise in the use of watercolour paint.  He is an 'plein air' artist, famous for his Cornish sea paintings, but he also undertakes projects where all his work is of one place - like the Thames say.

Here are just a few of his works.

Mike Bernard

Mike is a mixed media artist who incorporates collage into his work

Shirley Trevena

Shirley is also a watercolour artist, painting mainly flowers and still life.

These are just three of my favourite contemporary artists

At one time I used to paint and exhibit in local exhibitions but no longer do so as it became very expensive to frame my pictures for exhibiting purposes, also I kind of lost the necessary ingredient
I have done a few commission paintings of my friends pet dogs which I loved doing
but I also love abstract and landscapes
Maybe one day I will pick it up again if the inspiration returns
if I am brave enough
will show you some of the stuff I produced
(The quality of the photos of the above artists is not very good and not a reflection of their true beauty)


  1. I enjoyed reading this post and looking at the pictures.
    These are very much the type of paintings that I like, and admire anyone who is a painter of such pictures. Flighty xx

  2. Coincidentally, watercolour was the first medium that I worked in, finding it the easiest - only to be told much later that watercolour is supposed to be difficult to master! Love the paintings that you've chosen to show us, especially the first painting by Kurt Jackson. Just beautiful! Like you, have lost inspiration now but still keep my paints, waiting for the muse to strike! (Maybe the veg might do it!!) xx

  3. Trouble is, I've left it so long now all my paint tubes have gone hard. It would cost a fortune to replace them all - think I'll stick to blogging.


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