10 Oct 2011

The Humble Marigold

Marigold - a flower which can be found in most gardens -
is easy to grow.
Only the florets of marigold are used for culinary and cosmetic purposes,
though they have also had the reputation of having medicinal value in former times.
The flower petals can be used in salads, omelettes, rice, buns,
and as a substitute for the expensive and rare saffron.
They colour and flavour dishes and the colouring substance,
which is similar to carrots, has an excellent
subtle flavouring quality at the same time.
A small addition of crushed petals, as well as chopped leaves,
give a delightful tang to salads.
When marigold is used in place of saffron with rice, it gives a slightly
different flavour and is most useful
and makes the dish more attractive.
If they are dried in thin layers in a low temperature they will retain
the beautiful yellow or orange colour.


  1. Ok! That's done it! I'm hungry now...beautiful photo x

  2. As you know I like pot marigolds so grow lots of them. I've never tried eating them but perhaps next year...Flighty xx

  3. I never knew that marigolds have all these culinary uses. I can't wait to try them,


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