8 Oct 2011

Action Station

This is the spare room, cum study, cum office, cum studio where I spend a lot of time blogging, researching, painting, reading and looking out over the street to see what the neighbours are up to.  The shelves are full of books that I still have to read, books that I have read but want to keep to read again, reference books and gardening books.

The desk houses my ancient but trusty computer, books that I want to write a review about, my camera, notebook and newspaper articles about gardening that have caught my eye.
The walls are loaded with favourite pictures, some mine, others by favourite artists.

An extra surface has been added to take my sewing machine  and storage for magazines and books that won't fit onto the bookshelves.  It is more of a practical room than a pretty one, it sees a lot of action during the week, and more often than not is in a state of chaos whilst I am working - not one for the Ideal Home Magazine  I fear.

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