28 May 2012

May is Bustin' Out All Over

Hawthorn blossom

Around here the Hawthorn has finally come into blossom - the hedgerows are full of it, with branches tumbling over one another to show off their finery.  Together with the Cow Parsley at its feet it makes a fine sight.

Cow parsley
 There is something fresh and calming about the white and green together - before the blossom falls and the cow parsley turns dusty in the heat of summer and promptly goes to seed.

Doesn't it make you feel as though you want to lay in the long grass to cool off and smell the sweet smells that surround you.

It is hard to capture in a photo just how pretty the hedgerows look, taking your breath away with the sheer abundance of the blossom.

Layer upon layer of tiny flowers with little pink stamens just waiting to be pollinated by the obliging bees.
For those of you interested in the history and folk lore of the Hawthorn there is a site here.  Lucy over at Loose and Leafy  recently did a post on Blackthorn and Hawthorn - she is far better at taking pictures than I am.

This a view of our field where I have my kitchen garden - it is sheltered by a huge hawthorn hedge  - not only is it beautiful when full of blossom but it provides a good barrier against the wind, keeps the garden warm and protects the plants from the vagaries of the weather.
My two sheep love nibbling the fresh young leaves and use the drooping branches to rub against when they have an itch that they can't scratch.   This year is definitely a good year for may blossom.