2 Apr 2012

The Sixties - Girls and Boys

Mary Quant My Autobiography
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 The late 1960's was a very special time.  It is burned on my memory - I can remember names of politicians, sports men and women, events in history and what I was doing.

twiggy wearing a quant dress

quant and vidal sassoon
My ambition was to be able to afford to have my hair done by Vidal Sassoon, which was obviously out of the question on my typists salary - the best I could do was go to a hairdressers that had trainee days, but a girl could still hope.

My friends and I made a pilgrimage to London to stand outside the Quant shop 'Bazaar' on the Kings Road, Chelsea and just look in the window, then on to Biba and the Post Office Tower.  It didn't take much to make us happy in those days!

Mary was instrumental in the mod fashion movement and took credit for inventing the mini-skirt and hotpants, she showed a generation how to dress to please themselves.  The 1960's were the right time for Quant - the decade was characterized by the rise of youth culture in Britain.  Her clothes became part of the London look.
 Two or three films stood out for me that were  typical of their time  - I had teenage crushes on girls as well as boys - as you do! 
 I loved the fashions in the film 'Two for the Road' with Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney (Audrey was stunning).

Judy Geeson was my 'crush' in 'Here we go round the Mulbery bush'

Hwyell Bennett and Hayley Mills - crushes on both in The Family Way
Sidney Poitier and Judy Geeson in To Sir With Love

Michael Caine in Alfie (did you know that Cher sang the title song) no neither did I!
These were some of my favourite films - looking back on them now - they were pretty awful - but I wouldn't have missed any of it.